Useful Information & Rules for RealTime

Time with a Mistress is not free, no matter how you wish to interact with her. Tributes vary depending on how you would like to serve so you need to complete the slave application and then you will get told from there.
All realtime sessions require a deposit of £100/€100 to secure. This is non negotiable and non refundable and is there for a number of reasons, safety, to stop time wasters and to cover costs of getting to a location / session planning. We have a number of ways this can be paid and will not accept people saying they can't do it - don't get in touch if you can't. Should you cancel your booking this is non refundable. Should you act in a way that is threatening, concerning, disrespectful or attempt to ask for acts that are not what was previously agreed with the Mistress prior to deposit being paid you may loose your booking and again your deposit will be non refunable.
A number of Mistresses offer realtime sessions and therefore tour all over the UK, Ireland and Europe staying in hotels. If you don't want to session in a hotel, don't get in touch unless you're prepared to cover the cost of hiring wherever you'd like the session to be held.
Outcalls are possible to any location but if not in the area the Mistress is already travelling then all travel costs must be covered and half the tribute sent up front.  
Do your research
Don't approach a Mistress saying you've never done this and what would they recommend. Although all Mistresses are happy to see newbies, saying you have no idea what you want is annoying and quite frankly a lie - you wouldn't be on this site if you have no idea what was involved in some way shape or form! Just make sure you check stuff out first and then give the Mistress an idea of what kinks or fetishes you have and the session can then be planned from there.
The safe word is "RED"
We all work with the same safe word during realtime sessions to make things nice and simple. If at any point you don't like something this word can be used without judgement and the Mistress will move on. Try not to over use it though and don't ever expect "ouch", "stop" or "no" to work, for some subs this is part of the fun so this will be ignored.
Personal Hygiene is very important!
We expect all visitors to be clean and freshly washed for a realtime session. If you're not then you'll be expected to have a shower and this will come off your time with the Mistress. 
You are NOT paying for sex!
Contacting a Professional Domme expecting kinky sex is never going to happen! If that's what you're looking for we suggest an escort site or a massage parlour. When serving a Professional Dominatrix it's because you wish to explore fetishes you may have. Don't disrespect a Mistress by asking. 
Always be polite
Mistresses should always be spoken to in a respectful manner. You may like the idea of being punished but that doesn't mean being rude will get you what you want. In fact rudeness will not be tolerated and could get you blacklisted from us all, so remember who you're talking to at all times. 
Always be on time
Don't be early, don't be late. If you're early wait till 5 minutes before your session time before letting the Mistress know you're there. If you're late this will come off your time and will probably put the Mistress into a bad mood and could ruin the session for her so just don't do it!
Do not be intoxicated!
If you arrive drunk or high the session will be over and no refund will be given as the Mistresses time will be have been wasted. Also if you think its acceptable to produce any illegal drugs once in session again it will be over. Poppers maybe bought to the session, but at your own risk..
Approaching a Mistress
Don't approach a Mistress without fully reading her profile and ensuring she enjoys what you're looking for.