I recently had my second real-time session with both Mistress Jasmine & Goddess Freya and it feels wonderful to have spent my time desperately trying to please these two superior alpha females.

Mistress Jasmine is an absolutely stunning brunette who greeted me at the Belfast hotel looking amazing in little black dress and heels. It is hard to resist being owned by such class and, being led upstairs to my fate by such a women who would easily turn heads on the street outside, I was weak and nervous behind her. Mistress is approachable and friendly which made arranging these sessions straightforward, she is very professional and I would like to express my gratitude as I have always had a habit of arranging sessions at short notice. While in session, Mistress Jasmine is superb and very skilled, for me she is a natural at inflicting humiliation and pain and at gaining my respect and fear. Mistress also has a playful and fun personality but don't be fooled, as I said she is to be respected and feared, you have to let her play with you like one of her many toys.

Goddess Freya was waiting for us in the room, a stunning, blonde, toned, GODDESS. Also gorgeous and immaculate in a dress and heels. I was already weak and nervous, now with one look from Goddess I fell to pieces. I wanted to be made to feel a total inferior loser and already before the session had even started, in the face of such bratty perfection, I did. I could not disobey or disappoint this amazing Goddess and (of course) I did. Freya made it very clear I was not up to her standards, nor would I ever be, no matter how far I could go to try and please Goddess, it would never be enough for her. Knowing this made me weaker, more nervous more desperate and pathetic before her.

I am happy to be lead in sessions but did suggest a scenario which was taken and used expertly, I can only recommend from one life long submissive to any other that's listening, there is more than just a clever name to The Femdom Powerhouse. Thank You both,

it x.

it (previously stella the slut)

I've sessioned with a number of ladies during the years and I have to say that Miss Pink and Miss White were by far the best! This was my first ever 2vs1 session and I went for a domination / trampling and scissor session and they did not disappoint. Firstly they were very accommodating when I had to change times at the last minute and communicated excellently via email, very punctual and precise. Secondly when I got there and the door opened I was absolutely stunned to see how beautiful they both are. Unbelievable bodies, both tall (5ft9 without heels) Amazonian goddesses. But also so feminine and beautiful. The session started with some trampling and they were so dominant throughout, it was incredible. Then they started to squeeze me hard between their rock hard thighs and I had to tap a couple times. My body is still so sore from my time with them! They are both so sexy and the memory of 2 women dominating me, sitting and squashing me at the same time will stay with me forever. All in all an amazing session with 2 beautiful ladies who have amazing personalities and sense of humour to put you at ease. I will 100% definitely see them again.


Dear Mistress Kamila. Just a small message to say that you and MissJasmineTix have done wonders for the femdom scene both North and South! Before you came to Ireland there was nothing but back entry prostitutes with whips! (no joke)

You both should be very proud of what you's built up and continue to build your empire 🙂


Indignant, dismissive and aloof, tributing Queen Red has left me broken. No matter how much I give, her intermittent attention makes me crave more. I wanted to be obsessed, but the truth is I became dependent- and still am to this day. She is a Queen of Queens, and certainly the Queen of my mind... and my wallet.

Slave William

I had been looking for some time for a redhead to exercise her power over me, and then I found Queen Red. Hair and feet to literally die for, I couldn't resist, and I didn't want to. She dominated me instantly. And I submitted. She is everything I was ever looking for. Our conversations have become a lifeline to me. I am honoured to call myself her slave.


I contacted Mistress Jasmine via messages as per her advert request, from this I sent my deposit, we discussed the session and agreed a day and a time. On the day I contacted Mistress Jasmine who gave me clear directions and instructions on how to find her chambers.

Once there I was meet at the door by the most stunning brunette, dressed as discussed over our session arrangements. I was warmly greater by this friendly beauty and told to follow her which I duly did, I entered a room filled with all sorts of toys and gizmo's was instructed to strip naked and from that point the beauty brunette became my beautiful demanding Mistress who took control of my body and mind. The experience I had was second to none that quality of the domination was amazing. That's why I've ventured back many times after and still serve now. A truly amazing Mistress who fulfilled my fantasies and pushed my boundaries and continues to do so.

Boot boy..

Thank you Queen Red, so much, for my kik session with you! I want to submit to you forever now! Your beauty and your unfailingly strict ways have me hooked. I never knew I could be so captivated.


Mistress Jasmine Trix is an extraordinarily talented Dominatrix. Every time I have visited her, I have been amazed by her ability to truly understand my fantasies and desires, and create sessions that really do make those fantasies come to life. I've visited dozens of Professional Mistresses over the years, and can honestly say that Mistress Jasmine is the best by far. I would draw particular attention to Mistress Jasmine's role-playing skills: she is an exceptional role-player, and seems able to make any fantasy situation real. It is also obvious when you meet her that Mistrss Jasmine is genuinely dominant, and truly enjoys what she does; she isn't role-playing when she controls you, or laughs at your predicament. Lastly, Mistress Jasmine is a stunningly beautiful woman with an absolutely gorgeous figure. If you are looking for a gorgeous, unattainable Dominant Goddess who will utterly take possession of you, then give Mistress Jasmine a call. I cannot recommend her highly enough.

penelope the slut

I have been serving the gorgeous Mistress Jasmine for about 8 months now and it has been a great pleasure me. My first I was blown away with her skills and how friendly she was, I had been to previous Dommes and couldn't compare them to Her levels of Dominance. We discussed everything via email first and she fulfilled everything we had discussed. I left with a huge smile on my face and wanted more of it so I decided that I wanted to serve Her on a more full time bases, helping her with her day to day life etc. She is very understanding and very patient. I want to do more and more for Her everyday, in the hope of getting a task or homework to do for Her. It can be a big commitment to serve such a high maintenance Domme everyday but She makes it very easy and stress free for me.She really enjoys her work and when you get a chance to serve her in person I consider you very lucky. She will fulfil any kink you have and give you the best experience of your life and more..

All the Woman in femdom powerhouse are amazing and I feel lucky to have had the privilege of serving them through Mistress Jasmine.

slave gonzo (as named by my Mistress)

I visited Mistress Jasmine Trix, Mistresss Kamila and Mistress Harley for a "triple Domme" session. I've experienced multiple-Domme sessions before, but this was something special. Mistress Jasmine, Mistress Harley and Mistress Kamila are all exceptional Dominant Goddesses; and i say that as someone who has visited dozens of Pro Dommes in the past. Mistress Jasmine is an absolutely stunning role-playing expert; Mistress Kamila is a stunning muscle-Goddess, and; Mistress Harley is a jaw-droppingly gorgeous young Mistress with an exceptional talent for humiliation. Spending time with this trio of Mistresses was a privilege beyond compare!

Over the course of an hour Mistress Jasmine, Mistress Harley and Mistress Kamila made a long-standing fantasy come true. They had given so much thought to my fantasy that the whole thing felt even more real than I had ever imagined. The three Mistresses were so Dominant, gorgeous and talented that I can imagine them bringing any fantasy to life. If you are a submissive of any persuasion then I enthusiastically recommend Mistress Jasmine, Mistress Harley and Mistress Kamila to you: they will, quite literally, make your dreams come true.


Miss Kamilla, such a beautiful mistress, as soon as you walk in the door she greets you a devilish smile, and you know its going to be an epic night! If you're into strong women, miss kamila is the mistress for you, she will beat the shit out of you and have you begging for more, but believe me the pain is definately worth it. she will have you on your knees begging to worship those sexy feet. Miss kamila is a pro at pegging, and with her huge array of toys, you will be extremely sattisfied and probably a bit sore by the time you leave. 12 out of 10.

Sweaty foot bitch

Wow, and thank you.
If you're anything like me you'll be assuming these 'mistresses' are here to make an extra quid on the side, they probably don't particularly enjoy this but hey, they're getting paid well so it's a fair exchange. How wrong was I...
Having spent an evening with Mistress Jasmine & Goddess Freya I can assure you this could not be further from the truth. These women are passionate about their work, they understand the psyche more than even you do, they love what they do and they are driven to be the best they can be. I was nervous and they knew it. While their job was partly to take the piss out of me they did so while making me feel totally safe, unjudged, and genuinely cared for. It felt like we went on a journey together. One which we all enjoyed and I learned a lot from. I was in the hands of two very sexy, domineering, smart professionals and while it definitely wasn't my intention; I really was inspired at how passionate they were about what they did. They brought me to another world I'm still pinching myself to check was real. I hope I'll have the pleasure of serving them again soon.


I had a session with Mistress Jasmine and Goddess Freya in Belfast. It was a Phenomenal experience being teased and abused by the playful mistress and powerful Goddess. They dominate in a controlled and fun environment , leaving me yearning for their next tour in Belfast. I would recommend them to any potential sub.

Sutty Alan

I was privileged to be be allowed meet Mistress Jasmine in the Femdom Powerhouse new Cork premises recently on a gloriously sunny morning, and wow what an experience!
Mistress Jasmine fulfilled the scenario we had agreed, by prior contacts, to a tee. She dressed as discussed and ensured through her treatment of me, I knew how worthless I was in the presence of Female supremacy.
Thank you Mistress - it took a number of days for my body to return to normality, but it was fully worth it.
We will have another session very soon again indeed.


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