Tribute & Deposit

If you wish to gift in anyway, be it a small gift to show your appreciate, or a larger donation to contribute towards flights, hotels, venue costs, etc you can do so by sending to: VIA CIRCLEPAY (EURO) VIA CIRCLEPAY (STERLING) via google pay

Or gift voucher to:

Hourly tributes vary depending on acts and number of Dommes present.

When submitting your request please be clear on how you would like to serve and then the tribute rate can be given.

Deposits must be sent to secure ANY session – no exceptions. This is to prove you’re a genuine submissive and to keep the Mistresses safe. If you’re not prepared to do this DO NOT get in touch or try to say you won’t – it’s disrespectful if you dare to try and argue this rule and will result in you being blacklisted.