Mistress Harley

  • Height
    5ft 2
  • Eyes
  • Hair Colour
  • Hair Length
  • Dress Size
  • Shoe Size
  • Location
    Travelling Domme

About Mistress Harley

A very mean, petite, beautiful blonde fire cracker, Mistress Harley’s looks are deceptive and lure you into a very false sense of security. Once in her clutches you will be forever on your knees to her, she will expect you to entertain her, pamper her and do any task she wishes. Failure to do so will result in firm punishments.

She has an armory of whips and chains at her disposal to inflict damage, purely for her benefit and amusement. She is a cruel Mistress with a very dark edge who enjoys humiliation and turning slaves into her personal jesters.
To arrange a session with Mistress Harley please email to femdom.ph@gmail.com stating a specific tour date. Specify what acts you’re hoping to enjoy and approach politely!

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