All FPH Mistresses and Dommes can all be found here. Whatever type of strong Woman you adore you’ll find a match and be able to learn what makes her happy so you can be the best submissive possible, becuase lets remember, that’s the most important thing, but many of you too easily forget that!

All the FPH Mistresses and Dommes have their own likes so be sure to read her profile thoroughly. It goes a long way knowing you’ve read everything properly. It shows you want to do your best to please her during the session. If you can’t be bothered to put the effort then in why should we? Your email could be ignored if you request acts that are clearly not listed on the Mistresses profile as it shows you’ve not taken the time to read it. The effort has gone into giving you an insight into us, so appreciate that effort by showing you know as much as you can when getting in touch.

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Some locations visited by some of the Mistresses are: Dublin and London. Manchester and Leeds. Dubai and Beirut. Istanbul andBerlin. Frankfurt and Belgium. Stuttgart and Zurich. Rome and Athens. Milan and Paris. Middle East and Amsterdam.

Mistress Jasmine

A strong Alpha Female, MJ loves nothing more than using subs for her pleasure, whether that be to laugh at them, cause pain or use them as her pet in whatever way she sees fit, She will put you to great use in a session!

Goddess Freya

Goddess Freya is a tall, athletic, muscular Dominatrix who specialises in inflicting pain.

Mistress Harley

A very mean, petite, beautiful blonde fire cracker, Mistress Harley's looks are deceptive and lure you into a very false sense of security.

Goddess Niamh

A sadist with her submissives, Goddess Niamh gets a lot of pleasure from inflicting pain which is why her favorite act is ballbusting!

Mistress Kamila

She is your ultimate muscle Queen, a true amazonian warrior with legs of steel and a killer butt.

Miss J

Bringing life to your fantasies like you've never dreamed, Miss J is exotic, erotic and always looking for amusing boys and girls to conquer.

Princess Lexi

Your gorgeous "girl next door" Domme, Princess Lexi's style is casual, fun, playful and relaxed. She loves to humiliate and degrade all sissies, subs and slaves where they can serve her and become my personal little sissy slut.

Mistress Alessa

Mistess Alessa is a spoilt Princess who is beautifully curvy with a gorgeous big booty.. She will tease you with her eyes and bring you to your knees to get exactly want she want from you.

Queen Red

Your one and only Queen. You shall bow before her and worship her feet.

Princess Peaches

We introduce to you the infamous Peaches the facesitting Princess! Based in Edinburgh but also tours England and Europe. Peaches is the perfect blend of cute and crazy.

Mistress Davinah

A firm Mistress who takes great pleasure in punishing naughty boys, teaching them a lesson and ensuring they always comply with her tasks and instructions no matter how demanding.