Contact Us

When approaching a Mistress you must do it with the utmost of respect.
Failure to follow the below simple rules will result in no response from us. Rude or timewasting people will be blocked by us immediately.

If enquiring by email please state the following:

  • Who you are hoping to serve.
  • What acts you hope to be allowed to enjoy, ensuring it fits with what she has stated she enjoys. Failure to check this information and therefore requesting acts the Mistress does not enjoy will result in no reply from us.
  • The location and date and if it fits with the current tour dates listed.


Imessage or whatsapp, again stating the above information. 00447842460688

Calls will be answered between the hours of 12pm and 10pm based on availability. Do not leave a voicemail as no calls will be returned. If your call is not answered the first time, try again later. Any phone calls made after this time will result in your number being blocked. 

You will speak with whichever Mistress has the phone and may not request to speak with the Mistress you wish to serve, however details will be taken and the enquiry passed on.